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The student association may perform all or any of the following activities:

  1. Develop social contacts and a spirit of fellow feeling among the students.
  2. Promote social, Cultural and Intellectual development of the students.
  3. Assist in the education of students in the recent developments in the Trade, Commerce and Industry especially those affecting the maintenance of their  accounts , office routine and audit procedures.
  4. Organize Lectures, Meetings, Debates, Seminars, Study Circles and other means of cultural association for the education of students.
  5. Establish and maintain Libraries and / or Reading Rooms for the use of students.
  6. Providing facilities to students like Book-Bank etc
  7. Make representations to the Central and Regional Council on matters concerning the common interest of the students.
  8. Maintain a Register of Members of the Association.
  9.  Organize trips and tours to important factories and industrial organizations and also to places of historical and educational importance.
  10. Providing facilities to students, including the construction of hostels and to raise funds for this purpose by donation from Members, Students and others through such means as might be approved by the Council.
  11. Such other functions as the Regional Council concerned may prescribe for the attainment of the aforementioned objectives.


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