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Communiqué from Chairman

Dear Members/Students

Greetings for the day,

In furtherance to the efforts for easing the process and faster closure of issues, I would like your attention to be drawn on following:

  1. e-sahayataa: In order to get the pending issues resolved by the Institute, instead of calling over phone prefer to communicate through e-system with proper documents as attachments in compliance of The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 framed under The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949; having statutory force. We as the custodian of an august profession have to inculcate e-communications approach in this IT enabled epoch. Best way to communicate with institute for any pending issue is e-sahayataa portal which is a powerful tool having a system of escalation matrix to ensure that reply is given within stipulated timeframe.
  2. ATC: Those students who could not complete the CA Course but have completed the article training and passed intermediate/PCC/PE-I & PE-II examinations at the relevant time and eligible for Accounting Technician Certificate(ATC) may click following link to download application form:
  3. Time Management: To maximise the working hours available every day and to save time, we need to minimise the personal contact over phone, since action can be done only on the physical documents (duly signed) submitted. The direct numbers for activities mentioned against the respective number(s) may be utilised ONLY in case of utmost requirement; since it can serve limited purpose of information/clarification, if any. Further, please do not argue against Regulatory Compliance, which is mandatory and need to be complied with.  

 Sl No

Functional Areas

                           e-mail ID

Phone No.


Members: all activities relation to members including Fresh Enrolment, COP, up-gradation as Fellow , employment, change of address, PAN updation of members, Convocation etc.




Firms: all activities relating to Firms including proprietorship, partnership, practice in individual name, Firms PAN updation of Firms etc




Students Registration: CPT, IPCC, Final Registration; Revalidation of all courses; supply of free study material (of course package) to new registrants, CRO Study material store,




Article Registration:Fresh(First Time)- all activities relating to fresh article registration




Article Termination, Completion & re-Registration: – all activities relating to these areas  




CIRC Office: Programme for members, Office of CIRC, issues relating to Branches of CIRC, Accounts of Branches & regional Council, cpe hours updation, classes, training, workshops for students and members.







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