CIRC E-Newsletter- December 2016- Chairman Writes


Respected Professional Colleagues,


“If your eyes are positive, you will like the world. If your tongue is positive,

the world will like you”


It is a truism of a sort to say that reality lies somewhere between white and black. We Indians have been too much of a realist, believing that white is not possible while blindly accepting all shades of grey and black. Black, suddenly looks bad now. Those who flaunted the sheen of black are trying to cover it with a fake, furtive smile. They appear rattled, for at the stroke of the midnight hour on a fateful day, a decision, taken in the larger interest of the country, made their thick wads of currency lose all their value, leaving them with the timeless wisdom of all things worldly being so ephemeral! 

The decision has brought smiles, peace and pride to the silent majority in the country, which had been smarting under the agony and insult inflicted by the greed and corruption of a powerful minority and this silent majority continues to endure the temporary hardship, the discomfort of waiting in a queue or the delay in getting the daily meal or the fear of losing the daily wage. But while doing so, there is a sense of pride and honour of happiness and satisfaction, which can only be felt by those who have an innate fascination for the white- when the colour of the currency gets purified by the sweat of labour and honesty of actions. So, even as some strident voices cry foul, trying to whip passions, create unrest and incite anger, the silent majority continues to fight a battle, for the good and honour of the country. 


The government would like to charge lesser tax from the honest and extract much more from the dishonest. The government will make sure rural areas get the cash they need, while people queuing up at ATMs should adopt electronic transfer of money. This will help India leapfrog in credit card adoption just like mobile phone usage raced ahead of landlines. 

It is interesting to observe the image of Gandhiji move from the customary corner in the old currency notes to the proud centre in the new ones! It seems that we may have more pleasing experiments with truth and more rewarding experiences with honesty now! Now the truth be at the center stage.

Office Bearers
CIRC E-Newsletter- December 2016.

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