CIRC E-Newsletter- January 2017- Chairman Writes

Respected professional colleagues, 


“Expectation is a gift, not a burden. When people expect something from you, it means you have given them reasons to believe in you”


We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day. A very Happy New Year. Something deep within burns so bright. I had never seen darkness look so pale as I stared back into its hideous eyes. While the night had laid the trap, I could march undaunted to the dawn. I shall remain relentless in my pursuit of light.


Demonetisation seems to be taking its toll, not just on bank balance but also on mental balance! While the honest Indians continue to support this bold move and are willing and prepared to brook some inconvenience, the clique seems rattled beyond redemption. The Demonetisation will bring peace in the valley too.


As I look behind, I can see some footprints on the wet sand-some distance I have travelled. As the breeze caresses my cheeks and the moist shore beckons me I shall keep walking, without looking behind. The waves shall rise and fall and roar and kiss the shores and wash the sands nothing, it seems, on the sands shall remain not even my freshly formed footprints but there is something that the waves cannot wash away-The dreams that smell closer with each step the sweat that melts far into the horizon!

Office Bearers
CIRC E-Newsletter- January 2017

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